Monday, August 31, 2009

Directions for little gift bags.

Hi all!

I have had a few requests for the directions to make the cute little bags I posted last week. Well, here goes...

The bags are made with half a 30 x 30cm inch piece of doublesided scrapbooking paper, so you start with a piece that is 30cm x 15cm.

Hold the piece horizontally & mark lines vertically at 11cm, 14cm, 25cm & 28cm. Then score horizontally at 12cm from the top.

Score all lines, except for the top horizontal line. You will be left with a small rectangle on the bottom, right hand side of the bag. Cut this small rectangle away.

Now cut all vertical lines from the bottom up to the first horizontal line from the bottom. Fold along all the scored lines. Now turn the sheet over and score a horizontal line 3cm from the top. This fold will be the folded over detail on the top of the bag. Am I making sense?

Turn the sheet back to how you started and begin to tape the bag together at the base. Tape the small flaps under the first larger flap and end with the other last flap at the very bottom of the bag. Then place a strip of tape along the thin strip of the bag that is left and tape it to the bag on the inside.

Now all you need to do is punch four holes using the Horizontal Slot Punch for the handles, which are made from 1cm strips of coordinating cardstock. Attach the handles using brads, and make a coordinating tag. Voila!

I hope it all makes sense without photos.

well, good luck & most importantly have fun!

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