Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wooden Letters for the Girls' Rooms

I'm back! Yes twice in one day!

My SU order containing Pretty in Pink arrived today so I was able to finish these....

I purchased the wooden letters from a homewares shop. Luckily, they were already painted white, as I hate painting. Then my girls helped me punch out the butterflies, which we then placed into various embossing folders to emboss. Once embossed, I glued the butterflies onto the letters and glued different embellishments to the centre of each of the letters. The final step before hanging them on the wall was to tack lengths of ribbon onto the rear of each letter and tying them into bows.

They both loved them but Mia won't see hers up on her wall until she comes home from school. Can't wait to see the look on her face.


Patrice said...

How adorable! I love these. So pretty and feminine. Oh to have a little girl....sigh

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful - even my 20 year old daughter would love it in her room!!