Monday, March 21, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award - Woo Hoo!

My wonderful and very talented upline, Di Barnes at Colour Me Happy has been kind enough to bestow this lovely award on me:

Thank you so much, Di, not only for the award but for all your inspiration and help whenever I need it.

The rules of receving this award are that I must:

1. Thank & acknowledge the person who passed me the award - tick

2. Share eight facts about myself. Here goes:

I was born in Uruguay

I love dogs and know a lot about them

I am a perfectionist & extremely organised, bordering on obsessive-compulsive

I am an eBay queen!

I love walking

I hate chocolate & always have, Yuck! Gross!

I don't have a sweet tooth at all

My favourite novel is Pride & Prejudice

3. pass this award on to another eight Bloggers whom I believe are deserving & let them know of the award. Unfortunately I only have time for six as I have to put my girlies to sleep. :( Well, here goes...

Nancy Riley at iStamp for all her gorgeous creations & for her uncanny ability to track down & showcase wonderfully inspiring work of others.

The AMAZING Teneale Williams. Just visit her Blog & you'll know why.

KB Papercraft - gorgeous projects.

Mary Fish at Stampin' Pretty - I love her clean, crisp projects.

Karen Thomas at Luv to Stamp - Hers was one of the first blogs I discovered.

The FABULOUS, Makeesha Byl. I love her stories as much as her work!

Thank you to all you lovely ladies. Your are truly talented, inspiring & amazing in your own individual way.

Enjoy your award.


1 comment:

Nancy Riley said...

Andrea, thank you so very much for the wonderful award! I'm so flattered!

I WISH I didn't like chocolate or have a sweet tooth! You're lucky!