Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holiday Fun Card Class!

Hi everyone!

Well, the school holidays are here so what better time than right now to have my first official kids' card class!

These are the projects the kids we made...

The projects were kept bright and simple enough for little hands to manage without frustration. Stamping was kept to a minimum as I know how disappointing stamping smudges can be. There were some minor smudges but none that couldn't be covered with the clever placement of some additional litte die cut butterflies.

The girls all had a great time and were very proud of their creations, which they finished quicker than most of my adult class attendees! Ha ha...

Their hard work was followed with lots of junk food, which they all enjoyed, of course! Quotes of the day were, "This is just like a feast!" and "I love this popcorn. It's just like the popcorn they sell at the movies!" Priceless. Ha ha...

Well done to the participants and thank you for taking part.

Andrea :)

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