Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My First Fancy Favour Box!

Woo hoo! I have my first ever Fancy Favor Box to show you today! It's very simple because I was in a BIG hurry. Honestly, it took me about five minutes to make. Gotta love that. Well, here it is...

This die has definitely made it onto my list of favourite crafting supplies! Can't wait for the opportunity to use it again.

Off to bed now. It's late and these school holidays are wearing me out. Ha ha... I love school holidays but they are exhausting.

See you soon. Sleep tight.


1 comment:

Di said...

Hi Andrea. I love the fancy favour box too. Your box is simply fab...& not just because it's my initials as well or that I'm jealous you have that great alphabet. Inky wishes, Di