Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday's Post

Well, I'm right on schedule with my third post of the week. Have you fallen over yet? Take it all in because it may not happen again for a very long time. Ha ha...

Surprise, surprise (not!), it's another Mr Birdie card!

The supplies used are almost the same as for yesterday's card so I won't retype them.

Hope to see you again tomorrow!


Valerie K said...

Hi Andrea! I came across your blog today and browsed through all of your posts... yes, I said ALL. I love your work! I love your simple clean and coordinating style. There's one thing you have me curious about though... YOUR CUPCAKES!!! They are FABULOUS!!! You really make your own decorative toppers and icing??? I'd love to hear how you make them. I love making cupcakes just for fun or for family events (ie. potlucks, picnics). I love icing them too but never really learned how to make my own icing, much less my own decorative toppers!! The store bought icing just isn't the same as homemade icing!! its quite icky compared to home made. Those cupcakes you made for your daughters' flip flop party were SOOO ADORABLE and my jaw practically dropped when I saw the yellow cupcakes with the white flower... GORGEOUS!!! I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing an icing recipe.

Andrea said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Valerie! I really appreciate it.

Now for the cupcakes. I hope I don't disappoint you but yes, I do use the supermarket bought icing for my toppers. Some are made with cutters & others with moulds. Whatever I know about cupcakes I have researched & taught myself so I'm not really 'up' on all the different types of icing & little tricks - ha ha. I hope the photos have inspired you to try some yourself. And thank you for making me think that little bit more about including my cupcakes on this or another Blog. :)